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The Complete Environmental management system – ISO 14001 Manual

This manual describes the Environmental Management System (EMS) policy guidelines to meet the requirements as stated in the Environmental Policy and ISO 14001 Manual. The manual also describes the policy, objectives and responsibilities applicable to manufacturing operations.

This manual has been developed and organized to help all organizations interested in the development of an Environmental Management System (EMS) which is compatible with ISO 14001, EMS performs registration, and improves the overall environmental performance of the organization. Because every organization is different, tried to create a document that is specific enough to give the necessary tools to develop and implement an EMS, but general enough to allow flexibility to address unique characteristics.

The different sections of the manual describe each element of the ISO 14001 Manual standard and provide step by step procedures, document templates or templates and guidance to develop and implement an EMS that is appropriate to the organization and its operations. Please remember that this is a policy document and not a rigid instruction manual. All ISO elements should be addressed in your program and meet ISO requirements, but you will notice that there are a lot of flexibility allowed to meet the requirements. There are certain procedures that must be followed “to the letter “. These procedures should be obvious, but for your convenience, each of the relevant procedures will be identified appropriately.

This manual is organized in the same way that the program elements of the ISO 14001 standard. For each element of the ISO 14001 standard, you will find the actual text of the ISO 14001 standard , step by step procedures , recommendations for development and implementation of the EMS ; and examples of documents or models that can be used or adapted to the organization.