Overview on ISO 14001:2015 Internal Auditor Training

ISO 14001 is the environmental management system standard. The revised ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems have published in September 2015.

The new ISO 14001:2015 standard has an increased focus on legal compliance, documented information that define the requirements to maintain a good knowledge and understanding of compliance obligations of Environment management. This requirement will become an ongoing process, rather than an annual evaluation adopted by many organizations. Businesses need to be prepared for both internal and external auditors looking for clear evidence of an organization’s level of compliance.

Another key change in the EMS 14001:2015 is a business understands of what leads to compliance obligations. Businesses will need to assess risk using a much wider approach, not simply assessing how business activities cause a direct risk to the environment. This analysis must look at the causes and impact of environmental and legal impacts, both now and in the future.

EMS 14001:2015 Auditor Training by Global Manager Group

The EMS 14001:2015 Auditor training kit by Global Manager Group is well designed set of ppt presentation slides to give relevant skills and knowledge to carry out audits of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) against ISO 14001:2015. The standard EMS 14001:2015 training applies in-depth knowledge of the purpose of an environmental management systems and the ISO 14001 audit and certification process. It describes the principles, processes and techniques used for the assessment of risk and the significance of these in all environmental management systems. It also gives instruction about how to apply the skills and knowledge that is needed to conduct third party audits against the requirements of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

The ISO 14001 Auditor Training helps improve your knowledge about the purpose and objectives of this environmental management standard.

It provides some key features for EMS 14001:2015 Auditor Training as follows.

  • It provides a clearer picture of the true meaning of the standard.
  • Helps you to better interpret and audit the ISO 14001:2015 requirements.
  • Provides a clear direction while analyzing the reports to determine conformance of the firm with the ISO 140001 requirements.
  • Makes the process of interviewing the top management easier.
  • Provides the training and guidance necessary to make the evaluation of the objectives a breeze.
  • The planning and the process of audit along with generating a checklist can be daunting task.
  • The Lead auditor training helps overcome any ambiguities pertaining to these matters.

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